LeveragingYOU! launches new business value estimator tool

FRANKLIN, TN – Longtime CFO and finance executive Gary Aldridge has designed a simple to use tool that helps business owners estimate the value of their business. It is a tool that can be particularly important for business owners working on exit planning or a strategy to increase business value.

Aldridge said everyone from small business owners to CFOs can benefit from the new tool he developed after years of working to help business owners in industries from manufacturing and distribution to hospitality determine the worth of their business.

“With the right tool, you can estimate the value of your business. It is critical to know where you are now so you can set your target for where you need to be, and when. It is imperative that you know the value of your business if you plan to sell – whether in a few months or a few years,” said Aldridge, who is a CPA and Certified Value Analyst and Certified Exit Planning Advisor.

The estimator is a spreadsheet preprogrammed for business owners and CFOs. Users insert their financial data to get the information they need to determine the market value of their business. It helps identify which factors estimate the value of a business and shows executives how to use the data they already have to estimate value.

Aldridge developed the estimator as a part of his LeveragingYOU! program, which guides business owners through the process of evaluating the financial health of their business in an objective manner to increase business value to sell now or later.

“LeveragingYOU! is a hands-on, do-it-yourself program that teaches you what I have experienced over 30 years,” Aldridge said. “I share problems I encountered, solutions implemented, what worked, and what didn’t. The course is very real world and transparent.”

Business owners can download the LeveragingYOU! Business Value Estimator free at leveragingyou.com/business-value-estimator

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Understanding the worth of your business, and how to grow it, is key to maximizing your business value.  LeveragingYOU! is an online video business course that will walk you through how to maximize your business value step-by-step.