Measure and Grow Value

If you are seeking help to measure the value of a business or increase the value of an existing business, who better to contact than a professional who has successfully done both for 25 years?

What sets me apart from others is the combination of measuring AND growing business value as well as my “real world, down in the trenches, roll up your shirt sleeves” experience as a CFO. This combination proves invaluable, and rare, when advising clients like you.


Since 1993

Increase Your Business Value with Tracker™

Gary Aldridge designed Tracker™ to answer two questions:

  • What is the value of my business?
  • How do I increase the value of my business?

HOW I DO IT includes identifying needs to get you moving in the right direction whether you have a company earning $500,000 or $25 million in revenue.

  • To measure value, I prepare a business valuation for your specific purpose.
  • To grow value, I analyze your current situation, prepare a plan of action, and execute that plan .

WHY IT MATTERS is because you work long, hard hours and wonder what you did at the end of the month, quarter, or year – all while worrying about the issues you face tomorrow.

CFO Advisory

Growing business value takes an analytical, entrepreneurial mindset. Having experience as a CFO provides Gary with a unique perspective.

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Calculate the value of your business, then work to increase that value over time

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Business Valuations

Valuing a business is more than just calculating a number. Having worked as a CFO provides me with a unique perspective.

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Is your business value increasing, decreasing, or flat lining?

How will you know?

Let's measure and grow your company's value.