Happy Anniversary

I can’t believe it’s been a year already! It snuck up on me without notice or warning.

I started Aldridge Valuation Advisors (“AVA”) in July 2018 to help business owners measure and grow the value of their business.

When I moved to Nashville in 2016, I only knew two people. It had been 5 years since I saw one of them and 10 years for the other. Since then, I have met roughly 400 business people through networking and nearly 200 of those I have met one-on-one for breakfast, coffee, or lunch. (Not too bad!) Those new connections include attorneys, CPAs, bankers, investment advisors, investment bankers, insurance providers, marketing and communication specialists, staffing and recruiting executives, human resource professionals, payroll managers, various consultants, business brokers, technologists, and many others. I am constantly amazed and humbled by the trust and graciousness of people to introduce me to those in their inner circle. In return, I am happy to connect you with anyone I can.

Since launching AVA in July 2018, I have completed work in six states and am currently performing work in three. I feel blessed beyond measure! I’ve represented buyers, sellers, and partners in a shareholder dispute (i.e. business divorce). Some of the work involved business owners in their 70’s planning to exit within five years. They needed a valuation in order to sell some equity to management. At age 70, one owner told me he was going to start working hard for another five years, then maybe ease back some. (Start working hard? Really?) Another involved a shareholder dispute between two business partners who no longer wanted to work together. They needed a valuation to set a buy/sell price. A few other situations involved business owners wanting to buy or sell. Then a fascinating old school start up asked me to help prepare a valuation for raising equity. Other start-ups I’ve helped involved some new cool apps or technology for niches I never realized existed.

One may think all of this work merely involves a bunch of numbers, which of course it does. However, it is in fact much more. The math is actually the easy part. But it is the people side of things that requires a different approach, perspective and listening! It moves me to hear their story and get to know their “why.” By listening to their story and “why,” I can offer better advice and counsel. It includes advising clients such as:

  • Preparing a business valuation for two business owners, then helping them sell their business and reap the benefits of 20 years of hard work.
  • Another valuation is helping someone start up a business after several years in the making and realize their dreams.
  • Helping a business owner refinance his business during a difficult situation and reducing his stress level.
  • Advising a client NOT to buy a business, which he really wanted, due to some red flags.
  • Advising a wealthy family to not invest any more into a dying business and to write off several millions in the process. They thanked me for years for saving them from more losses.
  • Helping two business partners get in business together, and then helping them get a business divorce a couple years later. Thousands of dollars to a small business owner is worth the same as millions to a much larger one.

I could go on, but these are just a few of the ways that I help people measure and grow value. This is what makes me get up in the a.m. This is my why, my purpose, my rush.

Next year, I look forward to sharing many more stories with you about measuring and growing value, and helping people realize their dreams.